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A Premier Indoor Golf
Simulator Enclosure

At the click of a button, the HomeCourse® Pro Screen creates an indoor driving range or golf simulator enclosure (simulator not included), and when you’re done, your room returns to its original form just as easily. It works virtually anywhere–home, office, store or facility and is an ideal teaching, training, and practice tool for golfers and trainers. Unprecedented affordability and a long list of features and benefits put HomeCourse® in a category of its own.

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01 / Safety

Mishit? Sh**k?
No Problem.

Pro Arms & Sky Net keep you in play
Pro Arms & Sky Net keep you in play. Use a real golf ball when playing or practicing. The sky netting and pro-arms create an enclosure to help contain errant shots or sh**ks (we dare not say it) – protecting you, your space, and everyone in it. (Pro-arm extender tool included)

Ballistic-Grade Screen

Hit a live ball and let it roll back to your feet
The screen is made of ballistic grade material designed to absorb the impact of golf ball hit by a full-swing shot at point-blank distance. The screen flexes at the bottom so the ball can roll back to your feet. All you need is one ball, enough room to swing freely, and let it fly.

02 / Convenience


Get your room back
HomeCourse® looks pretty cool when it’s open, but it’s nice to get your room back. Click a button on the included wireless remote, and in less than thirty seconds, you’ll convert any room to and from a virtual golf practice environment.


Feel like you’re actually playing your favorite course
The HomeCourse® screen can be used with any projector and golf simulator. Play a virtual round of golf solo or get competitive with your buddies and family – for a fraction of the cost of other professional‑caliber stand alone simulators. Plus, since it’s retractable, it eliminates the need to dedicate an entire room to set up.


No messy cables to install
The motor runs on a lithium-ion battery that operates for months between charges. To operate the motor, use the included wireless remote.

Mounting Options

HomeCourse® is made to fit your space
Mount it on your ceiling or wall. All you need is 8 feet of clearance, and pick the mounting option that works best for you.

03 / Specs

Dimensions & Requirements

The HomeCourse® Pro Screen must be installed at approximately 8 1/2 feet from the floor. It’s okay to have a little bit of slack so the ball can roll towards you after you hit it. You can stand as close to the screen as you can where your club won’t hit the ballistic-grade screen or anything behind you (we recommend 10 to 12 feet front to back). Choose a mounting option and you can turn virtually any space that’s 8’ 6" H x 10’ W x 8’ D into a home golf experience.

Dimension Layout

A 6" minimum mounting distance from ceiling
B 18" minimum mounting distance from wall
C 8' 6" full height
D 3' Pro Arms
E 10' 6" with Pro Arms extended


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